Facebook Introduces Workplace Platform: A Threat to Work Emails

Facebook, the social media giant is indeed becoming one of the biggest and most aggressive innovators when it comes to technological advancement and progress. After launching several business related apps, the brand is about to introduce a new avenue for business owners, freelancers and internet users when it comes to sending e-mails and correspondences. Facebook is opening Workplace, a platform that will allow companies to set up their own exclusive version of the social network and will be available and open for all e-commerce businesses.

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Photo Credit: Emoji Inc via Pinterest

Workplace will be similar to Facebook which will include the live video streaming feature and messaging app, but it would be available in a completely different platform, different from a user’s personal account, defining the line between pleasure and business.

It is also designed to replace other business tools such as email, which is a big threat for e-mail messaging platforms like that of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Big Pond and other messaging venues available via broadband plans au.

On the good side, the launch of Workplace will pose a challenge to the existing e-mail services that we have right now in providing broader range and better service for its users.


Photo Credit: Iletaitunepub via Pinterest

It will be introduced in the same market of Yammer – Microsoft’s version of their own private network and Slack, a collaborative messaging tool used by teams and businesses. It is not a self-contained and private network for a business. Workplace will compete against Google Cloud’s file sharing feature and Microsoft’s collaborative document editing platform. It will be introduced in a market but will affect several niches and environments because of its main purpose of becoming a single integrated product for social, business and collaboration.

Workplace has undergone a 2-year testing phase under its original name Facebook at Work. At present, there is already around 1,000 businesses. Like how Facebook aims to keep friends and families connected, Workplace aims to do the same thing for businesses.

Danone, Yes Bank India and Starbucks are among the first companies that are already using the application. Workplace also happens to be Facebook’s first ever service that will be available through a subscription fee, unlike its other applications that are funded by advertisements.

Social network is now being brought into the corporate environment. With millennials leaning more and more into technology and social media as a vital aspect in their life, having a similar system at work that offers familiarity to the things that they love and enjoy doing makes their professional life a little bit more enjoyable and progressive.


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